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The simple private aviation solution.

Pre-flight peace of mind

We’re dedicated to the highest level of safety standards and it’s the forefront of everything we do. Our Director of Safety, who is an FAA Certified Dispatcher, Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor oversees our strict safety guidelines both internally and externally.

Before each flight, we analyze weather reports and forecasts as well as provide a customized pre-flight TripCHEQ from ARG/US or Pass Report from Wyvern to our clients. This ensures all operators, aircraft and pilots meet the industry best safety standards set-forth. ARG/US and Wyvern perform audits to ensure information is accurate and continuously update data including FAA and NTSB actions, Pilot Qualifications, Safety Records and Aircraft Certifications and Insurance. Safety is always the most important part of any flight which is why we ensure every flight adheres to the industry best standards.

The Jets

Each of our Private Jet Carriers is carefully and meticulously audited by the most trusted and established third-party aviation specialists in the business. Wyvern and ARG/US ensure up-to-date FAA and DOT Certification, Insurance Documentation and establish proactive aircraft maintenance that meets the industry best practices. Unity Jets only uses Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Gold and Platinum rated operators. You expect the best, and we only deliver the best.

The Pilots

All pilots meet rigorous qualification standards. Each pilot has been simulator-trained and adheres to FAA Rest and Duty Requirements. We also perform thorough background checks for all selected staff and crew.

Jet Hedging

Jet Hedging was developed for travel-savvy clients to decide on a trip-by-trip basis, at no additional cost, whether to use their Fractional Share, Jet Card or selecting a One-Time Charter.

For each itinerary, we act as a third-party validation. We create a cost-and- benefit analysis that challenges the fixed-rate pricing structure of Jet Cards and the variable pricing of on-demand Jet Charters.